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Needed for the 2015 Murray Calendar

The year has gone by so quickly and it is July already. Once again the time has come to collect some great photos of our beautiful electorate to be featured in the 2015 Murray calendar. The annual Murray calendar has become quite an institution with people using it as a diary for appointments, as well as a happy reminder of all the beautiful scenery we have in our part of the world.

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We Have To Re-think Medicinal Cannabis

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Imagine your son or daughter, brother or sister is dying from an incurable terminal cancer and the only treatment offering pain relief and nausea control is medicinal cannabis. This is a rare situation, but that does not mean that we should refuse access to medicinal cannabis in such circumstances. We should allow it to be medically prescribed by specialists and regulated so that those few who need it can be given relief.   Some other advanced countries, for example Israel, Canada, 20 states in the USA, and much of Northern Europe have long ago accepted the scientific evidence...Click here for full story

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SPC Ardmona 90 Second Statement

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

For all of those who are listening to this great Australian parliament today—those in the gallery, those who might be listening on radio—let me remind you of the plight of SPCA, the last remaining, great Australian fruit and vegetable manufacturer, located in the Goulburn Valley and surrounded therefore by some of the best orchards you will find anywhere across the country. You might have imagined that their troubles were over, and that, with the massive response of more than the doubling of purchases of SPC Ardmona product, all would be well. But I have to say that w...Click here for full story

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Transcript : 21/02/2013. 3SR Interview 2 with Wally and Kel

Thursday, 21 February 2013

  Interview 2 with Wally and Kel on 3SR FM on Thursday the 21st of February, 2013 Presenters: On 3SR FM, it is Wally and Kel for breakfast and joining us again Dr Sharman Stone, welcome back to the program Sharman.  Sharman Stone: Thankyou very much Wally and Kel. Presenters: Certainly, talking motor vehicle restraints, basically safety restraints within cars for children under the age of 15. A bit of a hot topic issue at the moment because one in 15 people killed in Australia in 2005 in a motor vehicle related death was a child under 16. Sharman Stone: Absolutely and when y...Click here for full story

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