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How Likely is Stagflation to Occur?

Stagflation, one of the unique economic concerns to emerge in the 1970s, and something that helped pave the way for Ronald Reagan to become President of the United States with his economic policies, is once again a concern for many investors within the U.S. While a somewhat complex occurrence, stagflation itself is simple to explain. It is the term given when inflation increases, but the economy does not grow at […]

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Shakeup with Indian Rupee

New data out of India has shown that the rupee is now slightly easier to access than before. There were many fears for the liquidity of the currency after the government abolished the usage of the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes, and the average Indian resident did not have easy access to cash because of the fact that ATM limits had been set at 2,000 across the country. A recent […]

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Trump’s Election Impacting Emerging Currencies

The election of Donald Trump to the U.S. Presidency has sparked an increase in the cost of borrowing around the world. Currencies reacted to this strongly against the U.S. dollar, and none were hit quite as hard as the Mexican peso, which is on track for one of its worst weeks of all time. Asian currencies were also impacted heavily by this news. However, it should be stipulated that it […]

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Oil Prices Have a Rollercoaster Day

Let's Watch How Oil Moves

Rumors really can influence the price of an asset, and those rumors don’t even need to have a lot of strength behind them in order to make an impact. Look at what’s currently happening with crude oil as an example. Prices were all over the place on Friday, November 4th, as rumors about what OPEC would do with production levels grasped to find some sort of commonly agreed upon area. […]

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