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Your rights with door to door sales

Monday 17 September, 2012


Many are now displaying the ‘Do Not Knock’ stickers that have been available from the Federal Member for Murray, Dr Sharman Stone’s office.
 “However, locals that do let sales representatives in should be fully aware of their legal rights” Sharman Stone said. “Besides displaying the sticker to show you do not want door to door salespeople, there are laws in place offering other protections.”
The Australian Consumer Law has put in place the following national rules:
·         There is a cooling off period of 10 days if you have agreed to something. Consumers can terminate agreements verbally or in writing. The trader has to return or refund monies paid under the agreement you signed
·         There are regulated times of business when door-to-door sales people cannot knock on your door. This includes Sundays, public holidays, before 9am or after 6pm on weekdays, and before 9am or after 5pm on Saturdays 
·         Door-to-door sales people are legally required to provide their name, the name and address of the organisation they represent, and the purpose of their visit when they come to your door
·         If requested to leave, door-to-door sales people must leave immediately. Also, they cannot return for 30 days
·         All agreements must be written in clear language, including all terms in full. They must state the full price and how it is calculated. It must be signed by the sales agent and the consumer and contain information about the consumer’s rights to cancel the agreement within 10 days, and the form needed to exercise these rights if required.
“Legal action can be taken against traders breaking the Australian Consumer Law.  As well, they can be liable for the quality and safety of the goods and services they sell” Dr Stone said. “Meantime, if people would like to get a free ‘Do Not Knock’ sticker, you can go online to

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