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Pyramid Hill –Boort Water User Committee formally dismissed

Thursday 20 May, 2010

Goulburn Murray Water’s decision to only allow future representatives from the Pyramid Hill -Boort area on the water user’s commission by nomination not by election is an insult to irrigators from the west of their system.

“While other water user groups can nominate and then elect their water user committee representatives, it seems that different rules are to apply to the Pyramid Hill-Boort area,” Dr Sharman Stone, Federal Member for Murray said today.
“No doubt this comes as result of the Pyramid Hill and Boort Water Users Committee standing up and insisting on answers to critical questions like pricing, policy and maintenance intentions and the like.
“It seems appalling that consumers or clients of Goulburn Murray Water and the State Government face sacking when they ask the hard questions, but if they had remained as quiet ‘yes men’ they would have continued to enjoy the support of the Board.
Sharman Stone said there are very serious issues challenging the Pyramid Hill-Boort irrigation area which has long suffered annual water rationing.
“Being at the far end of the line it is vulnerable to reconfiguration strategies unless their productivity can be properly valued.
“It seems democracy is out the window when it comes to straight speaking honest and forthright questions and advice from a water user committee.
“All other water users committees should beware of the fate of Pyramid Hill- Boort which was first stood down under very serious allegations, none of which have been found to have any real substance and now they are formally dismissed.
“Quite clearly the Victorian State Government has lost control of proper consultative communication and strategic planning processes. They either don’t know or don’t care when it comes to real feedback from their own water users, feedback which can only improve the quality of service and the future viability of the system,” Sharman Stone said.

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