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Australian Education Bill

March 4, 2013

  Dr STONE (Murray) (19:50) Tuesday 12 Feb: I rise to support the Australian Education Bill—along with the coalition, of course. But as with most things that Labor puts into this House it could have been much better. We only have a fraction of the information we need to be satisfied that we are going to have a more successful education system in the future—one that is competitive and will gi...Click here for full story

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Recognition Bill 2012

February 7, 2013

Dr STONE (Murray) (11:07): I am so pleased that this bill is coming before parliament in my time in this place, because I have spent most of my working life trying to redress some of the terrible discriminatory legislation and the day-to-day difficulties of Indigenous people. My interest comes in part from the fact that I grew up on my family's farm, which had been in the family for five generatio...Click here for full story

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International Fund for Agricultural Development Amendment Bill 2012

February 6, 2013

Dr STONE (Murray) (13:04): The debate on the International Fund for Agricultural Development Amendment Bill 2012 should be straightforward. It should be one of those no-brainers where we will gladly agree yes, let us put some of our aid funding back into the agricultural development fund. Most caring Australians would hope to see faith in the performance of the fund restored to the point where we ...Click here for full story

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Murray Darling Basin Plan Disallowance Motion

November 29, 2012

  16:56 I am very pleased and proud to second the motion to disallow the law that is the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. I rise to speak on behalf of the people of Murray, the electorate of Murray, which I represent. As the name implies, this is an area in northern Victoria with a boundary of the great Murray River. It is not in our nature in Murray to simply look the other way when governme...Click here for full story

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FASD report

November 29, 2012

  Dr Stone 11:26 by leave—Pregnant women drinking alcohol is the biggest cause of permanent, irreversible, non-genetic brain damage in newborns in Australia. I think this is a shocking statistic and it is a tragedy, because so many of the women who give birth to these disabled babies had not been aware of the danger of drinking during pregnancy. Other women have had an alcohol addiction...Click here for full story

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Goulburn Valley Water Action Group Petition

November 29, 2012

  13:46 I wish to put before the nation the concerns of the Goulburn Valley Water Action Group which has circulated a petition expressing ongoing concern about the objectives, processes and impacts of the Food Bowl Modernisation Project in northern Victoria. Mr Robert Danieli states on behalf of the action group that their petition has been signed by 829 concerned citizens from the smal...Click here for full story

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The Water Amendment (Water for the Environment Special Account) Bill 2012

November 29, 2012

  10:59 by leave—I was a supplementary member of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Regional Australia. I join that committee when it is addressing Murray-Darling Basin matters. I, along with the member for Riverina, strongly disagree with the committee's recommendation to support this bill. The bill was a consequence of modelling requested by the South Australian Premi...Click here for full story

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The Water Amendment (Water for the Environment Special Account) Bill 2012

November 28, 2012

  21:36 The Water Amendment (Water for the Environment Special Account) Bill 2012 is another ill-conceived, poorly drafted, slapdash piece of legislation rushed into the House. If this was simply some administrative measure for some obscure practice it would not matter so much. But this is about the Murray-Darling Basin. It is going to be a critical part of a plan that has been now lodg...Click here for full story

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Banksia Financial Group

November 2, 2012

Dr STONE (Murray) (16:48): There is a very sad and shocking situation playing out mostly in the electorate of Murray but extending to other parts of northern Victoria, and that is the failure of the Banksia Financial Group. It is a group that takes deposits and lends out money. Banksia was established in the 1960s in the small town of Kyabram. It was a home-grown enterprise that people felt proud ...Click here for full story

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Wheat Export Marketing Amendment Bill 2012

November 1, 2012

Dr STONE (Murray) (21:24): I, too, wish to speak on the Wheat Export Marketing Amendment Bill 2012. You would think, from the way this government has behaved in relation to this extraordinarily important agribusiness in Australia, that they have no experience whatsoever of managing export enterprise and that they just simply do not understand what can in Australia very easily become a monopoly sit...Click here for full story

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