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Watch Out for Scams Circulating
Our Community

Fake companies are trying to coerce local people into paying bills that they did not incur and so do not need to pay.
These companies pose as sellers of phone listings or some other service,  then demand payments of over $1000 by posting fake bills and invoices.

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Dumped Italian Tomatoes Get Anti-dumping Duties

Thursday, 11 February 2016

At last common sense and natural justice has prevailed. The two largest Italian tomato exporters to Australia will now have anti-dumping duties imposed to level the price playing field. After nearly two years of investigations and appeals from SPC, the iconic fruit and tomato manufacturer in Northern Victoria, the Minister for Innovation, Industry and Science has announced the decision.   Federal Member for Murray, Dr Sharman Stone who has been pushing this outcome welcomed the decision and said that SPC in the Murray electorate is finally able to compete in the canned to...Click here for full story

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Water Amendment (Review Implementation and Other Measures) Bill 2015 10/02/2016

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Dr STONE (Murray) (19:44): I am very pleased to stand to speak to the Water Amendment (Review Implementation and Other Measures) Bill 2015. There are some elements of it which are long overdue, in particular the whole business of making sure the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder is able to sell its water onto the irrigators market without it having to go into the irrigators market to buy back more water. I strongly believe that the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder has deliberately only traded several times, despite the urgent need for that water to be placed ...Click here for full story

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The World Today ABC: Murray-Darling irrigation reforms

Monday, 19 October 2015

ELEANOR HALL: Lower rainfall is threatening to once again pitch irrigators, environmentalists and other water users along the Murray Darling river against each other. A delegation of Victorian irrigators is in Canberra today, arguing that the water currently held for environmental flows needs to be put back into faltering agricultural operations. The push comes amid a political fight in Canberra over exactly which minister should have responsibility for sorting out the future of the river. Political reporter Tom Iggulden has more from Canberra. TOM IGGULDEN: Victorian Liberal MP Sh...Click here for full story

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